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Jessica Millan Patterson is a wife, mother, and the Chairwoman of the California Republican Party. She is the first woman, first Latina and first millennial to serve as chair and is known for her get-things-done, no-nonsense style. 

In 2019, Patterson was elected to lead the California Republican Party, setting out to take the fight to Democrats and put the Republican Party on offense. After an historic 2020 election cycle, Patterson was re-elected for a second term in 2021 by an overwhelming majority.

Her record includes picking up five House seats (four in 2020 and one in 2022) over back-to-back cycles that helped secure a Republican House majority led by California Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy. This marked the first time California Republicans had back-to-back House pickups since 1992 and 1994. She also helped to flip two Assembly seats to red in 2022. In 2022, voters sided with CAGOP on two thirds of the ballot initiatives on which the party took a position.

During her tenure as CAGOP Chairwoman, Patterson has added over a half a million new Republicans to the voter rolls and raised nearly $80 million for the Party. She built a robust and in-depth voter contact program that consists of 76,000 volunteers, leading the party to make over 29 million voter contacts in the 2022 election cycle – a 90 percent increase from the 2020 cycle. Part of the voter contact program’s innovative tactics included an early embrace and utilization of ballot harvesting, making sure the CAGOP was meeting voters where they were and ensuring no votes would be left on the table. To further facilitate the grassroots efforts needed to win campaigns, the CAGOP also developed the C.A.R.E.S. (California Republican Engagement System) program to catalog every contact and volunteer the party has. 

Prior to her election as Chairwoman, Patterson was CEO and co-founder of California Trailblazers. Modeled after the national Young Guns program, Trailblazers is an organization that recruits, trains and helps elect Republican candidates across California. Before bringing Trailblazers in house at CAGOP following her election, Trailblazers helped facilitate $6 million in independent expenditures to its candidates. Trailblazers has elevated 175 candidates over the years through its rigorous three-tiered program, setting goals and benchmarks to help Republicans achieve victory. In the 2022 cycle alone, Trailblazers trained more than 1,500 candidates and potential candidates. Today, 69% of the Republican members serving in the California Legislature, including every freshman member, are alums of the Trailblazers program.

Patterson has held positions with the California Republican Party, Republican National Committee, and statewide and national candidates for nearly two decades, including leadership positions for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and Senator John McCain. 

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