Lights, Camera, Action: Biden's Hollywood Disaster

Tomorrow, President Joe Biden returns to California for a glitzy Hollywood fundraiser alongside George Clooney, Julia Roberts, former President Barack Obama and more celebrities. If he was hoping for the rolled-out red carpet and standing ovations that this town is known for, he’s in for a rude awakening. And we aren’t just talking about the planned protests outside on an issue dividing his party or an awkward welcome from Clooney, who recently complained to the White House about Biden’s treatment of his wife’s work.

We’re talking about a new survey out from PPIC, highlighting just how deeply unpopular Biden and his failing agenda are in a state that he won by nearly 30 points four years ago.

  • 56% of California adults disapprove of Biden’s job performance. This includes: 64% of Independents, 57% of Moderates, 54% of Women, 58% of Latinos, 55% of Asian Americans, 63% of Ages 18-34, and 58% of Ages 35-54.
  • He’s also deeply unpopular in key parts of the state with targeted House races that could determine which party will win majority control. 63% of California adults in the Central Valley disapprove of Biden’s job performance, along with 63% in the Inland Empire, 54% in the LA region, and 55% in the Orange County/San Diego region. When narrowed to competitive Congressional Districts, 59% disapprove.
  • Three out of every four (75%) California adults think the nation is heading in the wrong direction.
  • Jobs, the economy and inflation ranked as the most important problem facing the nation today with issues like illegal immigration and crime coming in not far behind.
  • More than two thirds (68%) of California adults expect bad times financially for the US in the year ahead.
  • Lastly, a staggering 91% of California adults are concerned about the price of food and consumer goods in the country today, including 56% who are very concerned.

Here’s a fun game: with disastrous numbers like this, keep an eye out to see if any of the targeted Democrat House members or candidates show up tomorrow to be seen with the deeply unpopular Biden.

“Democrat presidents have long had expectations of a warm welcome from Californians, but unfortunately for President Biden, his own actions and failed agenda – from rampant inflation to an open border and detrimental foreign policy – have deprived him of that reality. No amount of Hollywood magic or celebrity cameos can disguise the fact that Joe Biden is a failed president who will be retired by voters once and for all this November.” – CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson



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