Democracy Dies in California

Gavin Newsom has a stated mission to “save this democracy,” but in the state he was elected to lead, he’s actively trying to destroy it. Newsom and California Democrats are throwing a hail Mary in an effort to counter and kill a ballot initiative that makes critical and necessary reforms to Prop. 47.

As a reminder, the ballot initiative that they have been trying (and failing) to sabotage for weeks – the Homelessness, Drug Addiction and Theft Reduction Act – has already qualified for the November ballot and received more than 900,000 voter signatures to do so, while enjoying bipartisan support.

Democrats are now pushing their own ballot measure that will do the dirty work of killing the already-qualified initiative for them. This measure would:

On top of this, the measure itself weakens important public safety issues addressed by the already-qualified initiative, exploits Alexandra’s Law – important legislation cracking down on fentanyl dealers – for political gain, and will continue to put partisan politics over public safety.

As the San Francisco Chronicle notes, “if all this seems designed to confuse voters, that may very well be the ultimate goal of Newsom and Democratic legislative leaders.”

Democrats are already falling in line behind this despicable poison pill proposition. Yesterday, Assembly Democrats, including Esmerelda Soria, Pilar Schiavo, Sharon Quirk-Silva, Corey Jackson, Sabrina Cervantes and Jacqui Irwin refused to stand up to Newsom and the Democrat machine and refused to vote against the measure on the Assembly floor. Disgraceful.

“Gavin Newsom is sparing just enough time away from his not-so-shadow presidential campaign to advocate for a poison pill proposition that will confuse voters, fail to address critical public safety needs, interfere with the integrity of our election and weaken the very democracy he pretends to champion. Californians deserve leaders who put their needs and their safety ahead of partisan ambition. Not only does Newsom not belong in the White House, he continues to prove why he doesn’t belong in the governor’s office.”– CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson



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