An Unbelievably Bad Day for Dems

It’s hard to believe that a day that started so terribly for California Democrats got considerably worse as the day went on. Gavin Newsom and his Sacramento Democrat yes men were already facing huge criticism after plotting to sabotage a ballot initiative that would make necessary adjustments to Prop. 47. Their deceptive plan to add poison pill amendments to bipartisan public safety legislation would revoke those same laws if voters passed this ballot initiative – the Homelessness, Drug Addiction and Theft Reduction Act – a move intended to confuse Californians into voting against the initiative.

But if Democrats hoped things would turn around this week, it’s off to a terrible start. The bad headlines kept coming:



Later, while some Democrats like Jacqui Irwin doubled down on supporting the amendments (“we will have to take the amends, yes”), others started to crack under the public pressure, bailed on their own public safety bills and joined Republicans in calling the amendments “poison pills.” This is all while other Democrats refuse to take a position at all (looking at you, Dave Min, Derek Tran and Will Rollins).

Speaking of House Democrat candidates, the LA Times directly called out why they might not want the ballot initiative on the ballot, saying, “The [Democrat] party’s dominant fear, it seems, is that the measure would help Republican candidates, especially in a handful of congressional races where control of the U.S. House is at stake.”

Democrats may have wanted to convince Californians not to believe their own eyes that crime is out of control, but it’s not going according to plan:

It was announced today that a member of the United States Secret Service whose job it is to keep the President of the United States safe was robbed at gunpoint in California while President Biden was here fundraising. The suspects are still at large.

And in case Gavin Newsom and those Democrats willingly doing his bidding hoped the day’s news was finally over, they were sorely disappointed.

CBS revealed that Newsom’s chief of staff “would not negotiate to strengthen a Democratic package of crime bills unless a coalition of crime victims, retailers, and law enforcement leaders would agree to postpone their ballot measure until 2026.” This behind-closed-doors, shady behavior that Newsom is known for exposes his attempts to deprive voters of the opportunity to weigh in this November on an important issue while committing Californians to two more years of bad and dangerous policy – all to protect himself and Democrats from admitting their favorite Prop is a flop.

“Gavin Newsom and California Democrats are shamelessly playing politics with public safety and are being repeatedly exposed for their fraudulent games. If they cared half as much about protecting Californians as they do protecting Prop. 47, we would all be better off. It’s time to stop the poison pill amendments and let Californians have a fair vote in November on this critical ballot initiative.” – CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson


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