What do the Royal Family and Gavin Newsom have in common?

They both refuse to answer pressing questions.

While the world wonders what on earth is going on with Kate Middleton (Is it just amateur editing or are multiple pictures merged? What’s with the two types of bricks? Seriously, where is she and is she ok?!), here in California, we have our own mystery brewing, and it’s called PaneraGate.

Clockwise from the top: Newsom donor and Panera franchise owner Greg Flynn, AB 1228 Author Democrat Assemblyman Chris Holden, Governor Gavin Newsom, SEIU California President David Huerta

To recap: a billionaire buddy and donor of Gavin Newsom’s, Greg Flynn, was recently launched into the spotlight when Bloomberg  discovered that Flynn’s many Panera Bread locations across California would benefit from a carveout that exempts them from the ill-conceived AB 1228 – a fast food minimum wage increase to $20/hour. Bloomberg also reported that Newsom personally pushed for this exemption, which very specifically applies to restaurant chains that bake and sell their own bread.

Similar to Princess Kate who waited 24 hours to blame her amateur editing skills, Newsom’s office waited 24 hours to offer a weak response and called these pay-to-play accusations “absurd,” claiming Panera isn’t even a part of the exemption. Right.

So who does the exemption apply to, if not Panera? Does Panera agree that it doesn’t apply to Panera? How did this exemption come to be? What was Flynn’s role, who was an outspoken critic of AB 1228? Why did Newsom push for the exemption? Why didn’t the Democrat author of this job-killing bill  know about the exemption or participate in final negotiations? 

Gavin Newsom calls  it all “part of the sausage-making,” and unfortunately, that’s all we may ever know.

The powerful SEIU forced  all participants in the bill negotiation to sign non-disclosure agreements, sacrificing transparency in the process and raising even more questions about potential backroom dealings that favor friends of Newsom. Even Democrat Senate Pro Tem Mike McGuire is aghast at the tactic,  telling  KCRA, “I have never been involved in a negotiation that has included a non-disclosure agreement during my tenure in the Legislature – full stop.” 

California Legislative Republicans are rightly calling foul. They are urging  Newsom to publicly disclose any documents related to this bill’s exemption negotiations and calling  for Democrat Attorney General Rob Bonta to investigate the matter.

“We may never find out what’s going on with the Royal Family, but Californians have every right to know what’s going on with this awful bill and its questionable bread exemption that reeks of political corruption. Gavin Newsom owes California taxpayers answers immediately on these pay-to-play allegations that suggest, once again, that friends of Gavin don’t have to play by the same rules as the rest of us.” – CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson



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